Entrance fee

Prices for entrance to the complex:

  • Adults - 8.00 BGN.
  • Students, students and retirees - 8.00 BGN.
  • Children up to 7 years. and people with disabilities - free of charge
  • Guide talk – 6.00 BGN. (optionally)

The price of the entrance fee includes:

- Examination of an ethnographic collection and an ancient installation for the production of rose oil

- Visit to a modern distillery with unique architecture and hand-painted murals

- Visit to a unique Thracian cultural center with fragments of Thracian sanctuaries and mounds

- Places for rest and relaxation in the cool gardens with over 150 kind of roses

- Visit of Biopark for wild animals (New attraction)

- Exposition of bronze statues

- Separate children's playground

- Free parking and toilet

- Amateur photos - free


Prices for services in the complex:

– Rose picking in the gardens of "DAMASCENA" during the Pink Campaign (May-June) – 6.00 BGN.

– Folklore program - by prior arrangement for groups over 25 tourists - 35.20 BGN. per person - includes rose picking, tasting of jam and rose liqueur and traditional pie.

Work time

Monday / Friday - from 09:00 to 17:00h.

Saturday / Sunday - from 09:00 to 17:00h.

Agreed activities on request are performed after 17:00

Contact us: tel.: +359 (0) 886 777 681 E-mail: tourism@damascena.net