Welcome to the Damascene Ethnographic Complex, where the First Private Rose Oil distillery "Damascena" is located., It is nestled at the foot of the Balkans, in the beautiful village of Skobelevo, Pavel Banya municipality.

The First Private Rose Oil distillery in Bulgaria was founded in 1991 year.

The only Rose Oil distillery in Bulgaria, where you can see amazing, wall-paintings.

The frescoes tell stories of our historical past, stories of the journey the rose has undergone so that we can enjoy its precious gift, the rose oil.

Whenever you visit us, you will have the opportunity to follow closely the technology of rose oil production and learn many interesting facts about the history of the rose, its properties and application

However, at any time of the year you can visit us.

Established as the first Private Rose Oil distillery in Bulgaria in 1991, "Damascena" is a leader in the production of the famous rose oil, which glorifies our beautiful country around the world

Inspired by the energy , of the Rose valley and the Valley of the Thracian kings, we created Damascena Complex, here in the heart of the Rose Valley near to Kazanlak.

Visit us and feel the amazing aroma of the Bulgarian rose!

Give yourself an amazing experience in the one-of-a-kind "Rose Temple", in the heart of the Rose Valley, just a few kilometers away from the town of Kazanlak .


You will find an ethnographic museum on the territory of the Damascene complex, where objects are displayed, used in the daily lives of our ancestors before the Industrial Revolution.

Here in the ethnographic museum you will find objects and facilities, related to the old way of life and culture.

You will also find the old rose oil installation, called "gulpana"

(from tour. word "gulpane" - pink house), which was once built near running water.
In the past, the main livelihood in the Rose Valley was the production of rose oil.

Rose picking began at dawn, to get the most valuable - rose oil, also called the "liquid gold" of Bulgaria.
The boiling of the pink color is done in copper cauldrons with capacity 100-120 l.

The Gulap cauldron was placed on an open hearth. Flowing in a thin stream of pink

water (pink distillate) is collected in special "gulap bottles", where after staying on

rose oil floats to the surface. The oil, which emerges is collected with a "pin".

Scrape off the separated oil with the cap, and the rose water flows through the hole. Rose oil

collected in oil bottles. Immerse yourself in the spirit of the past and let the magic of time conquer you!


Rose oil from rose Damascene, or as they call it the "liquid gold" of Bulgaria, is

the most valuable product, which is produced in the most beautiful part of Bulgaria - the Rose Valley.

Do you know, that…

… Homeland of the Bulgarian oil-bearing rose - Damascene Rose, is Damascus, the capital of present-day Syria?
… The first rose oil in Bulgaria was distilled in the 17th century?
… Bulgarian rose oil is recognized as the highest quality rose oil in the world?
… For gets on 1 a drop of rose oil are needed 30 roses, and for 1 kg of premium rose oil - 3 000 – 3 500 kg of pink flowers?

Damascene rose oil is a product, which is obtained by steam distillation of fresh pink color.
Pink flowers are collected early in the morning, to preserve in them the aroma and drops of morning dew.

The flowers are boiled until rose oil and rose water are obtained.
Bulgarian rose is synonymous with the highest quality. Essential oil is extracted from it, Rosewater, 

pink absolute and pink concrete for perfumery purposes, cosmetics, pharmacy and food industry, and the cultivation of roses in Bulgaria is already with centuries-old traditions and in constant bloom.

The exceptional quality of the Bulgarian rose oil is traditionally in great demand in the highest class of perfumery and cosmetics..