The story begins in 1991 year

Damascena Ltd. is known as one of the most influential and successful companies in the field of production of essential oils and natural cosmetics on the Bulgarian and foreign markets.. We are known for this, that we created Damascene as the first private distillery in Bulgaria.

History has its origins in the distant past 1991 year. We started our business as a small family business, engaged in the production of rose oil, in the very heart of the Rose Valley and the valley of the Thracian kings - between the "city of the Bulgarian rose", Kazanlak, and the city, famous for its healing mineral springs - Pavel Banya. The distillery is built in the picturesque, small village Skobelevo, located at the foot of Stara Planina, where the vast rose gardens merged with the majestic strength of the Balkans.

Our production capacity was growing from year to year. After a while we created our own rose garden with plantations of Rosa damascena, which we expand and update every year.

In Damascene we produce the world-famous and preferred because of its highest quality, Bulgarian rose oil, obtained from the petals of Rosa damascena. Along with this, our distillery produces high quality rose water, lavender oil, lavender water, as well as other essential oils and floral waters.

Over the years and based on experience, the idea arose in us to make this production, traditional for our country, known to more people. With a lot of enthusiasm and inspiration we built our own ethnographic complex, where the spirit of old traditions and the history of our ancestors intertwine in a unique way, with the magic and beauty of modern rose production. Inspired by the energy , which carries the Valley of Roses and the Thracian kings, through 2005 year we created Damascene Complex.

Here, we welcome each of our visitors with attention and a lot of love, wanted to touch history and traditions.

We are expecting you!

The film Damascene: The transition
If you want to get acquainted in detail with our story and how a dream is now a reality, you can watch the movie Damascene: The transition to HBO Go